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    SuperThrive is a concentrated mix of vitamins and hormones, which directly intervenes in the metabolism of the plants and visibly improves the condition.... Show more

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    Super active concentrate of stimulating vital substances.

    SuperThrive is a concentrated mix of vitamins and hormones, which directly intervenes in the metabolism of the plants and visibly improves the condition. This results in stronger growth and richer flowering.

    SuperThrive is suitable for all plants and for all applications.

    • Strengthens flower and resin formation;
    • Activates the flowering and growth hormones;
    • More light absorption and accelerated transport in the plant, more metabolism, in short: healthier plants and a better harvest!

    How is that possible?
    The vitamins and hormones of SuperThrive all play a major role in the metabolism of the plants. In principle, the plants produce all the necessary substances themselves from the inorganic nutrient salts. If you give the plant these vital substances in a ready-to-use form, the plant can skip the production procedure and thus save time and energy. The plant will use this extra energy for particularly intensive flowering and vigorous growth throughout the entire period.

    1ml per 4 liters of irrigation water, 100 ml is sufficient to make 400 liters of water.

    SuperThrive is administered regularly throughout the growth and flowering period. Give SuperThrive in the irrigation water or spray.

    More unique figures and facts prove that:

    • Since 1940 there is a worldwide warranty offer of $ 5000, - for those who beat SUPERTHRIVE in activating - restoring - extra growing and perfecting plants. This offer has never been contested !!!
    • Since 1940 there is a worldwide money-back guarantee (for government and companies), also a phenomenal 0 returns!
    • Standard used in large quantities at (perhaps all) winners of major national flower and plant contests;
    • More than 500 National Park Managers wrote that nothing works as well as SUPERTHRIVE;
    • All "impossible" gigantic, difficult American landscape jobs, SUPERTHRIVE for years;
    • A majority of members of the first conference of American Landscape Suppliers have been using SUPERTHRIVE for years;
    • Hundreds of arborists all sell plants, trees and SUPERTHRIVE. Nobody wants to hear of selling plants with a different brand product;
    • Nothing else can reach the level of success of To-DAY, which helped 5 US government departments win World War II, also with the help of renowned university professors, by cloaking various defense installations and makeshift runways with normal-looking, large specimen trees;
    • SUPERTHRIVE is the best application of plant physiology, explained by AAN, a top scientist from
    • USDA and universities. It should never be equaled;
    • The best product in the world (for various purposes) by various leaders;
    • Invented by John A. Thomson, who is recognized by Who's Who in the World, and perhaps the world's best biochemist;
    • With no representatives, SUPERTHRIVE is spread across every continent, because every country says there is nothing better anywhere in the world.

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    5 from 5
    Rechtstreeks uit de USA wonderspul.
    Posted by: Mitch Kentuckie on 12 July 2021
    € 19,95
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