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    Aptus Startbooster

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    Aptus start booster is a specially formulated organic root and growth stimulator.... Show more
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    Product description

    Aptus Startbooster is actually a growth and root stimulator in one. This booster contains all organic active substances that contribute to the development of the roots and thus growth. The Aptus start booster ensures direct root formation of the crop with more hair roots. The booster therefore also stimulates growth and has a positive effect on soil life.


    • Cheapest and most powerful root / growth stimulator
    • Very concentrated
    • Complete cocktail of active substances
    • Direct root formation
    • Faster development of stems and plant tissue
    • Powerful stimulator for soil life

    Tips & Tricks

    Before planting, dip the roots in a dip mixture Start booster from 7.5 ml per liter (1: 133) to a maximum of 10 ml per liter (1: 100).
    Aptus start booster is the only carrot and growth stimulator on the market that contains benign bacteria. This makes the stem clearly visible twice as thick! And an extensive hair root system is created.
    Prepare a barrel with Startbooster within 3 days. It is best to format the solution right away.
    Start booster is an organic product. This may cause some deposits in the nutrient tank. Organic fertilizers are always easier to absorb for plants than mineral fertilizers.
    Always use System-Clean when Startbooster is used in drip systems.



    Aptus Startbooster contains the following root and growth stimulating active substances:

    • Humic acids
    • Amino acids
    • Fulvic acids
    • Organic nitrogen
    • Specific biomass


    Aptus Startbooster is the only root and growth stimulator on the market that contains specific biomass. This protects the roots and produces growth hormones. It is the combination of these active ingredients that makes Startbooster the most powerful product in this category. Aptus Startbooster is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 5000ml packaging.



    Use Aptus Startbooster as a supplement in addition to NPK nutrition. Growing fertilizer no longer has to be used on pre-fertilized potting soil. The pre-growth phase can be shortened by using Startbooster. Use 25 ml per 100 liters (1: 4000) from the pre-growth phase to the first week of flowering. Shake before use. Determine the EC value after adding the growth fertilizer. Only then add Aptus Startbooster. Aptus Startbooster is a completely organic product. Be careful when using organic products like Startbooster with fine irrigation systems. In these types of systems, the use of Aptus Startbooster increases the chance of blockages. Therefore always use a product that keeps irrigation systems clean (System-Clean) in addition to Aptus Startbooster.

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    5 from 5
    Super mooie witte wortels ben super tevreden.
    Posted by: Jay on 12 July 2021
    Aptus Startbooster
    € 24,95
    Aptus Startbooster
    630 In stock: 1 - 2 Days
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