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    20 years of inspiration for many

    The Urban Gardening Store started in 2001 with a small gardening business in Rotterdam with the aim of offering city people more inspiration and biodiversity. Gray balconies became greener and roof terraces and gardens were brightened up. The Urban Gardening Store smelled its chances here. The increasing demand for natural solutions in an increasingly graying society has allowed Urban Gardening Store to develop into a market leader in the industry.

    Just connected with nature

    In addition to the usual customers, there was a greater demand for business and industrial solutions for offices, warehouses, hotels and retailers. The 'greening' has increasingly become a culture for employer and entrepreneur. A place to relax and to be connected with nature started to become a must in many organizational spheres. Greening contributes to a healthier and more relaxed environment and cooperation.

    Expertise and customer-friendliness are parallel

    The ever-broadening and varying customer base and the years of experience and knowledge that the Urban Gardening Store has gained, has created a new objective: to provide each individual customer with the right kind of information and inspiration, packaged in the courtesy that each customer deserves.

    Said in Rotterdam: no words, but actions. Serving customer friendliness and service is parallel to the commitment and enthusiasm of the team.

    Grow & Bloom

    Urban Gardening Store has developed over the years into a market leader. The range is diverse. Prices are low. These are also the key points that are worked on every day. Due to large-scale and extensive purchasing, Urban Gardening Store can serve any type of customer at an affordable price. Growing is one thing, but it can also be an ambush for many. That is why we speak of Growing & Blooming at Urban Gardening Store. There is no point in growing without returns. Behind the scenes there is a large logistics warehouse that is operated on. Here a flood of various products can be stored and tested. In addition, this is the epicenter of the webshop in which the team passionately packs all packages and answers customer questions on a daily basis.

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