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    Do you suffer from leaf insects on your plants? Pokon Bio Leaf Insects Capsules is a biostimulant to increase resilience.


    The herbal extracts in this plant cure support the natural regenerative capacity, have a nourishing, nourishing and plant strengthening effect. This allows the plant to better resist external influences, including attacks from leaf insects. Pokon Bio Leaf Insects Capsules works indirectly against nuisance from aphids, scale insects, carrot lice, mealybugs, woolly scallops, whiteflies, caterpillars, vine weevils, lily beetles, gall midges, spider mites, thrips, leek moths, black bean aphids, strawberry blossom beetles, sciarid flies and aphids. Sucking and chewing insects leave the plant alone and disappear because they don't like the food. The capsules are suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants and vegetable garden and work for 4 weeks.

    Instructions for use Bio Leaf Insects Capsules

    You can use the capsules throughout the growth period of your plant.

    1. Soil treatment for garden plants: Make a small hole in the ground about 10 cm deep. Soil treatment plant in pot: Make a small hole in the ground about 5 cm deep
    2. Put the capsule in the ground
    3. Fill the hole with water and then fill the hole with soil

    Repeat the treatment every 4 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat the treatment more quickly. Have you treated the soil near fruit and vegetables? Then you can eat your harvest without any problems. Wash the fruits and vegetables before you eat them.

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    Pokon Plant cure Leaf insects (12 capsules)
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    Pokon Plant cure Leaf insects (12 capsules)
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