Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker 500g

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    Yellowed leaves indicate a magnesium deficiency in a boxwood. In conifers, brown needles usually indicate a magnesium deficiency.... Show more

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    In a boxwood, yellowed leaves indicate a magnesium deficiency. In conifers, brown needles usually indicate a magnesium deficiency. This can be solved with Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker. By using Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker, the magnesium level is restored and the boxwood or conifer regains its green color.

    Repeated treatment may be necessary. Wait 4 to 6 weeks before the next treatment.

    For healing:

    1. Measure out the correct amount.
    2. Dissolve the powder in a watering can.
    3. Pour it on the ground near the plant.

    To prevent:

    1. Measure out the correct amount.
    2. Sprinkle the powder evenly around the plant or along the hedge.
    3. Work the powder through the top layer of the soil.
    4. Give water to immediately start the effect of the nutrition.

    To cure brown colored needles and leaves: dissolve 150 grams per m² in 10 liters of water and pour this over the plants. You can measure the dosage using the enclosed measuring spoon. This measuring scoop is 50 grams.

    To prevent leaf discolouration: 20 grams per m².

    Restore period plants
    Bitter salt Greenmaker can be used from March to September.

    Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker is an EC fertilizer, 16% Magnesium oxide (MgO), and soluble in water.

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    5 from 5
    Top product!!!
    Posted by: Sander Blaak on 22 July 2021
    Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker 500g
    € 8,29
    Pokon Bitterzout Groenmaker 500g
    100 In stock
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