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    Olea Europaea H 250 cm

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    The Olea (olive tree) is originally from Armenia. From there, 6000 years ago, the Olea spread across the Mediterranean and North Africa. The Olea can be placed indoors or outdoors.... Show more

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    The Olea (olive tree) is originally from Armenia. From there, 6000 years ago, the Olea spread across the Mediterranean and North Africa. The Olea can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is best to place this plant in a position in full sun. It is also a plant that consumes a lot of water, so make sure that the soil is always moist.

    Olive trees are known worldwide and are highly appreciated for the fruits and all the products that can be produced with them. Currently, this plant can be found in many gardens and living rooms.


    Watering the olive tree

    The Olea should always be in slightly moist soil. The plant must also be in a place with a lot of light, which means that the plant will naturally evaporate a lot of water. In the summer it may be possible that you have to water the plant 2 to 3 times a week. Especially if the plant is in full sun.

    When watering, avoid that the Olive Tree, with the roots, is placed in a layer of water. This can cause the roots to rot, which means that the plant will not survive for long. Root rot can only become visible in the plant over time.

    It is best to check the ground every so often. You do this by sticking your fingers into the ground, up to two knuckles deep. If the soil is already dry after a day, you are watering too little. If the soil is still very wet after 4 days, water a little less.


    Light and heat

    The olive tree is a plant that occurs naturally in warm Spain and Portugal. In these countries, the olive trees receive sunlight all day long. This allows the plants to develop and grow well. In the Netherlands, where the hours of sunshine and the intensity of the sun are considerably less, the plant has more difficulty developing.

    This makes it important to offer the Olive Tree as much sunlight as possible. Place the Olive Tree in a spot in full sun. Think of a place in front of a south-facing window or in the garden in a sunny spot. Please note that the Olive Tree is only hardy to a limited extent.


    How do I maintain my olive tree?

    Discolored leaves are often a sign of excess water. The leaves often turn yellow or brown. This is best treated by watering less.

    Pruning the olive tree has two advantages. First of all, it is more beautiful when you prune the olive tree into shape. As a result, the plant retains its beautiful shape and appearance. Secondly, it is good for the plant, the olive tree has to spread its energy over fewer branches and this is good for the vitality of the plant. It is best to prune an olive tree in the spring, during this period the plant is in its growth period and it will recover quickly.

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    Article number
    plant name
    How often to water
    2-3 times a week.
    Leaf color according to grower
    Plant height at purchase in cm
    250 cm
    Where to place
    Full Sun

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    5 from 5
    Staat zo mooi op ons terras en werd snel en goed verpakt geleverd. SUPER BLIJ
    Posted by: Henriette on 14 September 2021
    Olea Europaea H 250 cm
    € 529,-
    Olea Europaea H 250 cm
    100 In stock
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