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    KB Mice Grains Black

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    KB Muizen Granen is a very attractive bait for controlling house mice in dry areas. Think of attics, floors, ceilings and garages.... Show more

    Product description

    Kills mice within 24 hours

    If a mouse eats the grain bait, it will be dead within 24 hours. One-time consumption is therefore already deadly. You will probably find the first dead mice within 3 days, depending on when they started eating KB Muizen Grains. In most cases, mouse control will be completed within 10 days. 

    The Magik Grain bait box

    Each ready-to-use bait box contains a bag with 10 grams of grains. So you don't have to worry about it. That's a safe idea. One bait box is sufficient to combat 70 mice. The number of bait boxes you need depends on the surface to be treated and the extent of the infestation. The mice eat through the pouch. The active substance is alpha chloralose.


    For placing the bait box

    • Always try to avoid mice before using rodenticides.
    • The agent should not be used preventively.
    • Do not clean the area where mouse droppings are located just before placing the bait box. This will disrupt the rodent population and make bait acceptance more difficult.

    Placing the bait box

    • Place the bait boxes in the spot (s) where you have previously seen mouse activity. Think of walking routes, feeding places, burrows and nests.
    • The minimum distance between the bait boxes is 3 meters for a large pest and 5 meters for a small pest.
    • Whenever possible, bait boxes should be attached to the ground or other structures. This way you prevent the bait boxes from sliding.
    • Do not place the bait boxes near children, animals or pets, hot pipes, ovens and places where the product can come into contact with water. To prevent pets from showing interest in the bait, you can feed them extra during an anti-mouse campaign.

    After placing the bait box

    At the beginning of the mouse treatment, bait boxes should be visited at least every 3 days, and then at least once a week. You check that the bait is accepted, the bait boxes are intact, and you remove dead mice. Dispose of dead rodents wrapped in plastic with the garbage, so that pets and other animals are not poisoned by eating the cadavers.

    When the bait is accepted by the mice and is completely eaten, put in a new bait box. If necessary, place more bait boxes and increase the inspection frequency. Then you keep a close eye on what is happening. Remove the bait boxes at the end of the treatment period.

    Can't find any more mouse droppings or other clues that indicate mice? Then your mouse plague seems over!

    Read the instructions carefully before using a rodenticide product, such as KB Mice Grains.

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    In de kelder zag ik ze lopen.
    Posted by: Janine on 27 July 2021
    KB Mice Grains Black
    € 13,89
    KB Mice Grains Black
    88 In stock
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