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    HashCropter XXL LED Grow Light

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    We are writing spring 2019 and it seems that during this period, with the introduction of the HashCropter, the first LED grow light has appeared on the market that fully combines classic electronics with digital and software techniques. Initially it takes... Show more

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    We are writing spring 2019 and it seems that during this period, with the introduction of the HashCropter, the first LED grow light has appeared on the market that fully combines classic electronics with digital and software techniques. Initially it takes some getting used to, this HashCropter, because this device looks more like a drone than a specialist tool for growing your plants.

    But appearances can also be deceptive here: the HashCropter is indeed an ultra-modern LED grow light that is actually part of an advanced growing system. The whole consists of three components that can be connected together, namely the HashCropter itself, the so-called Control Hub and the AIR Sensor. However, the HashCropter can also be used without the Control Hub and AIR sensor.

    Note: the Control Hub and the AIR sensor are not included in the price of the HashCropter but must be purchased separately.

    The HashCropter
    This eye-catching LED grow light is impossible to confuse with any other grow light. The central part is formed by a low, square housing in which the electronics are housed. Above it, a cross-shaped construction was fitted that was provided with four extendable arms. A powerful LED module is attached to the end of each arm. The top, right above the housing, consists of three drivers. Everything is interconnected with solid power cables.

    The extendable arms deal in a surprisingly simple way with an already very old problem, namely the problem of point-shaped light distribution. Light from one point casts a relatively large amount of shadow between the plants below and quickly diminishes in strength at the edges of the growing surface. The HashCropter is not bothered by that at all. By extending the arms as needed, it is possible to provide a cultivation surface of 160 x 160 cm with the same uniform light shine than a much smaller cultivation surface of 110 x 110 cm. The four LED modules are fully dimmable and generate a PPF of no less than 1,570 μmol / s with a power consumption of up to 780 watts. The LEDs used are very efficient so that the light from the HashCropter is just as strong as a 1200 watt HPS lamp. Each LED module is equipped with an active fan, which guarantees good cooling in any growing situation.

    The front of the aforementioned housing contains a clear control panel. With this handy component, the light can be dimmed manually and the composition of the emitted light spectrum can be changed, also manually. In order to do this successfully, an advanced look at the effect of certain light colors on your plants is of course recommended. However, manual operation is a basic option that makes it possible to set up this grow light without the associated peripherals. But it is of course much more interesting to control your HashCropter in the advanced way, namely with the Control Hub.

    The Control Hub
    The Control Hub is a hardware interface with which you can connect your laptop (or PC) to one or an entire network full of HashCropters by means of a cable. In this way you can control the grow light (s) with a software program. You do not have to download this software as the user interface is web-based and therefore runs in your internet browser. The software allows you to program the most far-fetched things and in addition, there are all kinds of "presets" (called "Light Recipes" by the manufacturer) so that you can simply download settings for a specific purpose. In the same way you can save your own settings and also share them with fellow growers.

    The AIR Sensor
    Note: the AIR sensor will only be available in the second half of 2019.
    Light is not the only factor that you have to deal with as a grower. In an optimal growing situation, the grow light is not only adapted to the plant, but also to other factors that influence the well-being of your plants. These include: temperature, the relative humidity and the CO2 content in your grow room. The latter is especially useful if you work with extra CO2. The AIR Sensor continuously monitors the atmospheric conditions in your grow room or tent. With the parameters thus collected, the HashCropter will keep the lighting conditions at the most effective level in any situation.

    Getting acquainted with this LED grow light makes you realize that the developers of the HashCropter have effectively pushed the boundaries. Because never before has the combination of software and hardware in grow lighting been carried out so far as with the HashCropter. And apart from the advanced technology, this is a beautiful and very powerful LED grow light that is also made in Germany. And if the Germans make something, you know that the highest quality standards have been met. The HashCropter is particularly flexible due to the fully customizable spectrum. It can be set as a growth, flowering and full spectrum lamp plus everything in between. Very suitable for stand-alone use in a grow tent as well as for use in a network with hundreds of other specimens in a professional growing environment.

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    HashCropter XXL LED Grow Light
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    € 1.995,-
    HashCropter XXL LED Grow Light
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