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    Garden Seeds

    There is nothing more fun than sowing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers. The best garden seeds give your border or garden a colorful look. Spice and vegetable seeds bring flavor to the kitchen. A successful harvest, flowering and growth starts with h Show more



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    Buzzy Basil Fine

    Buzzy Basil Fine

    May to July in a nursery tray and plant out afte...
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    Buzzy Anise Seeds

    Buzzy Anise Seeds

    April bis Ende Mai am Zielort. Am besten in Reih...
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    Garden seeds for herbs, vegetables and flowers

    There is nothing more fun than sowing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers. The best garden seeds give your border or garden a colorful look. Spice and vegetable seeds bring flavor to the kitchen. A successful harvest, flowering and growth starts with high-quality seeds. You use them in the garden, on the balcony, in the greenhouse or in your own herb box.


    Herb seeds for the vegetable garden or greenhouse

    Grow your own herbs in your own vegetable garden or herb box? You can do that with premium garden seeds from the best brands. Such as Buzzy Seeds or Oranjeband. Enrich your dishes with real seasonings. Such as basil or Chinese garlic-chive seeds.

    Do you want to taste the taste of the world from your own herb garden? Then choose herb seeds such as coriander or tarragon. With your home-grown herbs you can turn every meal into something special. You can also use the fresh herbs as a dressing or marinade.


    Homegrown herbs with a pure taste

    Herbs are easy to sow and harvest yourself. You don't have to be an experienced grower for that. Certainly not if you use the best garden seeds. Place your seasonings in the sun or partial shade. You can also grow your own herbs in your own garden or herb box if you value pure flavours, freshness and the best quality.


    Vegetable seeds for the tastiest vegetables from your own garden

    Do you have a greenhouse, a vegetable garden or a fertile piece of land in the border? Then make a choice from the best garden seeds for growing the tastiest vegetables from your own garden. Such as aubergine or asparagus, Brussels chicory or the tastiest broccoli.

    Are you a lover of pure and honest food with a special taste? Then consider sowing the forgotten vegetables. For example with vegetable seeds for palm cabbage, purslane or mesophyll. Crispy fresh and tasty from your own vegetable garden or border.

    In the vegetable garden you also use garden seeds for juicy and slightly spicy radishes. With this vegetable you give almost every dish a special taste. Of course, radishes are also delicious as a healthy snack. Then choose Cherry Belle or French Breakfast.


    Growing vegetables with quality seeds

    Do you want a wide choice of vegetable seeds to grow yourself? Then choose the best brands. This way you know for sure that you are dealing with quality seeds. You can sow your own vegetables, for example, with the herb seeds from Horti Tops or Easy Vegetable Garden.


    Flower seeds bring color and life to your garden

    Sowing flower seeds? This is possible in the garden, but of course also on the balcony or terrace. Choose annual, biennial or perennial bloomers and give your outdoor area even more color. With good garden seeds you can grow the most colorful flowers and plants yourself.

    With annual flower seeds you can enjoy a sea of ​​colors and scents for a whole season. Of course, this also contributes to the biodiversity in the garden. With high-quality garden seeds for hollyhocks or summer asters, you can really bring your garden to life.

    Would you rather fill the border with biennials or perennials? This is possible with seeds for the Mariette bellflower, sweet William or flower seeds for the charming forget-me-not. Of course you can also opt for garden seeds for perennials or perennials.


    Grow the most colorful flowers yourself

    A lush garden full of color and beneficial insects starts with the prettiest and best flower seeds. These are grown with care. This allows you to enjoy a colorful border or garden. Therefore, choose the best brands of flower seeds. Like Buzzy Seeds.


    Organic seeds for the ecological garden

    Do you want to grow your own vegetables, herbs or flowers, but do you prefer to do this as responsibly as possible? Then choose one of the many organic seeds. With these garden seeds you can create your own ecological vegetable garden, herb box or garden. Of course you also enjoy pure flavors and intense colors. Organic seeds are grown without pesticides.

    This means that the cultivation of these herb, flower or vegetable seeds is not harmful to the environment. Both the soil and the garden seeds are fertilized in a 100% natural way. As a result, you grow healthily, responsibly and enjoy the tastiest flavours.


    100% organic seeds with Skal quality mark

    Do you want to buy organic seeds? Then pay close attention to the label. Good and 100% organically grown herb seeds or flower seeds bear the Skal quality mark. As a result, you can be sure that the seeds have been grown in a responsible and 100% environmentally friendly way. Such as organic cucumber herb, Brussels sprouts garden seeds or the colorful cup malva.

    Whichever organic seeds you choose, a good base is always important. Of course, that starts with choosing a good brand of organic garden seeds. Like Buzzy Organic. This allows you to grow your own fresh herbs, tasty vegetables and flowers.

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