Product description

    Fulvic blast contains essential microelements that are directly absorbable by the plant. Fulvic-Blast contains high concentrations of fulvic acids that act as a natural chelator. This improves the absorption of the micro elements already present and the crop is strengthened.

    Fulvic-Blast contains very low molecular weight fulvic acids, amino acids, plant stimulators and chelated microelements such as iron, zinc, manganese and copper. Due to the low molecular weight, all attached elements are better transported and absorbed by the plant.

    Benefits of Aptus Fulvic Blast

    • Organo-mineral micro-elements booster
    • Very high chelating power
    • Prevents shortages of microelements
    • Stimulates the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars

    Tips & Tricks

    • Use Fulvic blast for unclear leaf defects. Once a week
    • Using Fulvic-Blast throughout the cycle prevents deficiencies and
      nutritional imbalance.

    Fulvic-Blast contains directly absorbable low molecular weight fulvic acids combined with amino acids and microelements.

    Preferably use Fulvic-Blast once a week for the entire cycle or if there are unclear shortages.
    Use 30 ml of Fulvic-Blast per 100 liters of water (1: 3333).
    Shake before use.
    Completely water soluble
    Leaves no residues

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    Fulvic Blast
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