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    Ferro Citric Acid 1L

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    Ferro Citric acid ensures that plant pathogenic (plant hostile) bacteria hardly get the chance to multiply.... Show more

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    The regulator for the nutrient water

    Ferro Citric acid ensures that plant pathogenic (plant hostile) bacteria hardly have the chance to multiply. This flower-friendly and environmentally friendly solution of citric acid is mainly used in the initial phase of the green leaf plant, because during this phase the ATP and ADP (adenosine triphosphate and diphosphate) carriers are created. Citric acid stimulates the formation of the energy carriers. Of course you can also use the citric acid in other phases to correct the pH value in the nutrient solution. In addition, citric acid is used to rinse old fertilizers into the substrate between crops and you can see it as a preservative in almost all food products.

    A good pH range is important for the absorbability of nutrients. Ferro advises a pH value between 5.4 and 6.0, because within this range the nutrients for plants are best absorbed.


    • First prepare your nutrient solution;
    • Adjust the nutrient solution to pH with Ferro Citric Acid;
    • Work with small amounts until the desired pH value appears.

    NOTE: Stir well between adding the citric acid and measuring the pH value.

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    Ph- Bio
    Posted by: Bas Pietersen on 17 September 2021
    Ferro Citric Acid 1L
    € 9,95
    Ferro Citric Acid 1L
    100 In stock
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