Eco-Style Ultima Onkruid & Mos

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    Weed control is completely ecological with Ultima against weeds and moss. Sometimes it is not necessary to control with a pesticide, but you can also work with the hoe. We are happy to give you tips for preventing weeds and moss.

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    Product description

    Control weeds immediately?

    Everyone would like to control weeds quickly and effectively; without too much work. Ultima fights both weeds and moss and not only tackles the weeds above ground, but also the root system. The effect of Ultima is already visible within 3 hours!

    Ultima can be widely used in the garden. Because Ultima is biodegradable, there are no restrictions for use on the terrace or on pavements. Fights from leaf to root. Ultima does not contain glyphosate or similar ingredients.


    Prepare the concentrate (dosage is 167 ml per liter of water) or use the ready-to-use variant. Then spray the weeds to be controlled in their entirety wet. Please note that the weeds are no larger than between 5 and 10 centimeters. However, prevent the product from dripping off the plants. It is important that it remains dry for at least 24 hours after application, so the sprout inhibitor can do its job well.

    Active ingredient
    Pelargonic Acid & Maleic Hydrazide

    186.7 g / L pelargonic acid and 30 g / L maleic hydrazide


    • Against weeds & moss
    • Under trees and hedges (do not apply to the foliage)
    • On gravel or pavement

    Period of application
    Ultima has an optimal effect at temperatures above 10 degrees.

    With Ultima concentrate you mix 167 ml with one liter of water. This is 2x the dosing chamber of the bottle.

    Available in a ready-to-use version of 750 ml and in concentrate packaging of 510 ml, 1020 ml and 2.5 liters.

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    5 from 5
    Posted by: Gerard Sangen on 17 September 2021
    Eco-Style Ultima Onkruid & Mos
    € 13,99
    Eco-Style Ultima Onkruid & Mos
    100 In stock: 1 - 2 Days
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