Canna Vega A&B

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    Basic growth nutrition from Canna for hydro cultivation systems. Hydro Vega is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high-quality EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements.... Show more
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    Product description

    Basic growth nutrition for the growth phase of the crop

    In the beginning of its growth, the plant lays the foundation for the final yield. Features of healthy and vigorous growth are vital shoots and lush root development. CANNA Hydro Vega has been specially developed to optimally meet the needs of the plant in this phase.

    CANNA Hydro Vega is used on all types of inert mediums. Complete absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed from the start of cultivation. This is because CANNA Hydro Vega is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high-quality EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements.

    Hydro Vega Instructions for use

    • Shake the bottle well before use;
    • A ready-to-use CANNA Vega A&B nutrient solution is prepared by diluting the A&B concentrates in equal parts with tap water;
    • First add CANNA Vega A to the nutrient tank;
    • Stir well and then add CANNA Vega B;
    • Fill the nutrient tank with tap water;
    • The dosage for seeds and cuttings: 10 ml CANNA Vega A&B in 10 liters of tap water;
    • Add CANNA Vega A and CANNA Vega B, maximum 40 ml A and 40 ml B to 10 liters of tap water (1: 250);
    • Stir well and let the nutrient solution stand for a few hours;
    • Recommended pH value: 5.2 - 6.2;
    • Recommended EC value: 1.8 - 2.7 mS / cm2. (= EC value of the food + the EC value of the tap water);
    • To be used during the growth period (18 hours exposure and the first 1-3 weeks flowering period 12 hours exposure).
    • Refresh food regularly;
    • Switch from CANNA Vega A&B nutrition to CANNA Flores A&B nutrition when flowering starts;

    Because the buffering effect and the EC value of the tap water differ greatly from place to place, the above guidelines may not be met. Therefore, always check the pH and EC value. The pH value can be increased with CANNA pH Plus and lowered with CANNA pH Min growth or CANNA pH Min bloom.

    Other clues

    • CANNA has developed another fertilizer for the flowering phase of the plant, Hydro Flores
    • Store frost-free, closed and dark (UV light breaks down the chelates present in the food)
    • Keep out of reach of children

    Deposits / Guarantees

    CANNA only works with high-quality, pure nutrients and chelates, which are directly and completely absorbable by the plant. The dosing bottle is made of 100% Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily biodegradable plastic that is also recyclable.

    Available per 1 liter and 5 liters

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    Deze keer lekker lange groei periode dus heb 5ltr gelijk besteld.
    Posted by: Henk Verstuurde on 19 July 2021
    Canna Vega A&B
    € 14,95
    Canna Vega A&B
    100 In stock: 1 - 2 Days
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