Canna Terra Seed Mix 25L

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    CANNA Terra Seed Mix is ​​a potting soil especially for germinating the seeds of your favorite plants.... Show more

    Product description

    CANNA Terra Seed Mix is ​​a potting soil especially for germinating the seeds of your favorite plants.

    Benefits of CANNA Terra Seed Mix

    • CANNA Terra Seed Mix has a homogeneous, stable structure which is ideal for water retention, giving the seeds the best chance of germinating correctly
    • CANNA Terra Seed Mix is ​​also particularly suitable for rooting cuttings


    Sowing in Terra Seed Mix

    Sow the seeds 2-3 mm deep (max. 5 mm) in the CANNA Terra Seed Mix in a container with a maximum diameter of 5 cm. Spray the growing medium regularly with tap water. Seedlings first use the energy reserves available in the seed.

    Keep the seeds warm (20-25°C) and moist in, for example, a greenhouse. Remove the lid from the container as soon as the seedling emerges from the substrate.

    Young seedlings

    The young plants are very sensitive so do not place them in direct sunlight or near a strong growing light as they can burn. Give the young plants a nutrient solution with a low EC (depending on the tap water, EC value of 0.9-1.2). Add CANNA RHIZOTONIC to strengthen the roots. The seedlings are ready to be transplanted when they have developed two or three leaves.

    Growing outdoors

    While it is possible to germinate seeds directly in the ground outdoors, the germination rate is significantly higher than when done indoors. Soil temperatures outside do not provide ideal conditions for seed germination.

    Start by germinating indoors. Place the seedlings that have emerged in a place where they can acclimate to the outside conditions, such as on the balcony.

    Cuttings and beyond

    Once the plants are well established in the CANNA Terra Seed Mix, they can be transplanted to a growing medium such as CANNA Terra Professional or CANNA Terra Professional Plus.

    The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable
    Store in a cool, dark place, minimum temperature 4 ºC
    Content 25L

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    Voor me zaden werkt dit altijd.
    Posted by: Fransje on 19 July 2021
    Canna Terra Seed Mix 25L
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    € 7,49
    Canna Terra Seed Mix 25L
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