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    Bio Nova MgO 10%

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    This product contains 20% K 2 O. In addition to the basic elements N and P, K (Potassium) is also crucial for any cultivation.... Show more
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    MgO 10

    This product contains 20% K 2 O. In addition to the basic elements N and P, K (Potassium) is also crucial for any cultivation. Potassium ensures the strength of cells (water household) and ensures flowering. Potassium also plays an important role in cell formation, osmosis regulation and the carbohydrate household. Potassium is also important for the opening and closing of the stomata, so that excess heat can be dissipated.

    This product contains 10% MgO. One of the elements indispensable in Bio Nova's line of liquid mineral fertilizers is magnesium. Magnesium forms the reactive nuclei in the chlorophyll, which converts light energy into chemical energy (ATP and ADP). Magnesium deficiency is expressed in chlorosis (slight discoloration) between the nerves of old leaves and also premature leaf fall. An excess results in a poorly growing crop and small leaves. This product has the same characteristics as the other liquid mineral fertilizers from Bio Nova:

    MgO 10 works very quickly.
    MgO 10 is economical and contains no surplus ingredients.

    A dose of 1: 1000 increases the total amount of Mg by 2 mmol.


    In case of shortcomings, add 2.5-10 ml. per 10 liters of nutrient solution.
    Keep in mind that if you are already using one of Bio Nova's main fertilizers, a supplement of magnesium is not necessary.

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    Magnesium tekort heb ik.
    Posted by: Dennis drijver on 19 July 2021
    Bio Nova MgO 10%
    € 6,75
    Bio Nova MgO 10%
    5 In stock
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