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    A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules 1kg (granulaat)

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    This dried extract has been in use for many years against the harmful nematodes living in the ground, but does not affect the worms / piers.

    It breaks the life cycle (eggs and larvae) of harmful nematodes living in the soil (Meloidogyne, Pratylenchus, earth grub, emelt, centipede, woodlouse, carrot fly, flea and sciara fly) and in the Hydro culture springtails and carrot lice.

    In order to break the cycle properly and for the best result, it is recommended to use BIO-GRANULES in combination with APHIDS-0. BIO-GRANULES kill the eggs and larvae, and Aphids-0 the fungus gnats (Sciaridae).

    Administration and dosage:

    1 kg is sufficient for approx. 25 m2 and or 150 pots of 13 ltr.

    Preventive: Mix 1 tablespoon of BIO-GRANULES through your potting soil / coconut before planting.
    Sprinkle on the ground with perennial plants and, if possible, work in and / or water. Repeat after 4 weeks.

    CURATIVE: (soil / coconut) Sprinkle 1 tablespoon over your pots and then water from above (with or without food).

    AT HYDRO: take the product BIO-GRANULES out of the packaging and put it in a pantyhose or nylon sock, tie it up and put it in your food bowl or hang it, must remain moist to wet. Stir well during watering.

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    5 from 5
    Super geholpen.
    Posted by: Geertje on 19 July 2021
    A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules 1kg (granulaat)
    € 47,99
    A.R.T.S. Bio-Granules 1kg (granulaat)
    776 In stock
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