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    RFX-1 is an Earthwool substrate for horticulture. The application of Earthwool® makes our product almost 100% natural. RFX-1 consists entirely of non-recycled raw materials. Because we only use new raw materials at RFX-1, you will not be bothered by diseases and / or fungi from the outside.

    Earthwool® is a rock wool made with a natural binder (ecose) which is free from acetylates and formaldehydes. As a result, a much more accessible substrate for the plant root compared to "ordinary" rock wool. Together with the right proportion of foam, it ensures a good ratio of water and oxygen in the pot or container.

    During the production process, the RFX-1 mix is ​​impregnated with a biological / bacteriological life. This ensures that the RFX-1 mix immediately behaves as a full substrate where the roots of the plant can develop well. Thanks to a smart packaging system, we are able to package 3 bags of RFX-1 mix in one box of 60x40x40cm. This way we can ensure that the RFX-1 mix arrives at you in good condition.

    RFX-1 mix is ​​immediately ready for use and, if necessary, only needs to be moistened with water during / after using the plants. Do not compact the RFX-1 mix into the pot. Best suited for Hydro or Aqua nutrition. Daily watering ensures a better result. The bags are filled with at least 80 liters.

    RFX-1 is supplied in 1 BOX of 60x40x40cm containing 3 bags of 80 liters each, TOTAL 240 LITERS!

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    RFX (3-pack 240 Liter)
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    RFX (3-pack 240 Liter)
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